The attack of kamikaze drones in the Kyiv region and the continuation of ending the occupation of the Kherson region: the most important thing on the night of October 5.

The White Church in the Kyiv region was attacked by kamikaze drones, which set fires, and in the Kherson region it became known for new liberated settlements. We rounded up the main news the night before October 5th.

kamikaze drone attack

In the morning, the Russians attacked Bila Tserkva in the Kyiv region, according to preliminary data, with kamikaze drones. Fires broke out in infrastructure facilities, at least one known victim.

Subsequently, there were repeated series of kamikaze drone attacks on White Tserkva’s infrastructure. Information about destruction and victims is verified.

The end of the occupation of Kherson region continues

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that 8 settlements of the occupiers had been liberated and settled in the Kherson region: Lyubimivka, Khreshenivka, Zolota Balka, Belyaevka, Ukrainka, Velika, Mala Oleksandrievka and Davidev Prid.

Zelensky noted that “This is not a complete list” And the “Our warriors never stop“.

Other successes in the south

On the southern front, the Ukrainian army destroyed 31 occupiers and more than forty units of Russian equipment, including two helicopters, on October 4.

In some places, the occupiers are leaving their positions, destroying their ammunition stocks and trying to destroy bridges and crossings in order to slow down the pace of advance of the Ukrainian forces, says the Ukrainian leadership.

The European Union approved the draft eighth package of sanctions

The ambassadors of the European Union countries agreed on the draft eighth package of sanctions against Russia. Politico wrote that it included restrictions on the selling prices of Russian oil.

There is currently no decision on a specific price or price range for the future maximum, details of which will be signed in writing at a later date. A final version of the text is expected to be approved on 5 October.

Musk decided to buy Twitter after all

American businessman Elon Musk decided to close the deal with Twitter on initial terms. He changed his mind about two weeks before the court hearing in the standoff case with the company.

Business law professor Ann Lipton noted that this was the most anticipated end of the case. Musk’s decision shows that Twitter has a really strong position.

Other news

NATO No changes were noticed In the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. But the NATO official said members of the alliance were still vigilant.

in the armed forces a job Military worship service. Military chaplains were given diplomas from the Verkhovna Rada in Sofia Kievska.

for the Ukrainian people granted Polish Freedom Knight Award. It is awarded to those who contribute to the protection of freedom, justice and democracy.

“Energoatom” contemplate the possibility Restarting two reactors of Zaporizhzhya NPP. The last of them stopped in September due to Russian bombing.

Government created New state institution – National Military Memorial Cemetery. This decision is explained by the need to create appropriate conditions for the burial, memorial and memorial of the fallen defenders of Ukraine.

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