Nuant is preparing to launch the unified platform for digital asset data, analytics, and wallet intelligence in Q4

[PRESS RELEASE – Zug, Switzerland, 5th October 2022]

Switzerland-based digital asset analytics and data launches Fintech, Nuant, a platform that solves a critical problem in industry-wide portfolio management for institutional funds invested in digital assets: the hashing of data from exchange accounts, on-chain wallets, and custodians, on-the-data Chain and market data by providing a single unified center for managing, monitoring and making accurate data-driven investment decisions for digital asset portfolios. For the first time, funds will now have access to accurate on-chain and in-market data, metrics, analytics and compliance tools for all existing holdings as well as potential new assets in the portfolio, in one place, in real time.

Targeting digital asset portfolio managers, analysts, researchers and data scientists, the new service will provide a single dashboard and tools for portfolio management, analytics, research and compliance. By seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency wallets, custodians and exchange accounts paired with on-chain and market-integrated data, Nuant will allow users to have a comprehensive view of their entire digital asset portfolio, no matter where the assets are managed and stored.

Nuant was founded in the Swiss Crypto Valley in March 2021 by a leadership team spanning the finance, technology, digital assets and quantitative research sectors. Nuant has developed a number of proprietary functions specifically adapted for analyzing digital asset portfolios. This includes its own on-chain data and statistics service, which provides structured insights for decision support, a data query engine to quickly interrogate and analyze on-chain data as well as tools dedicated to examining specific portfolios or tokens for compliance or risk management purposes.

Additionally, Nuant has developed its own domain-specific language, Nuant Query Language (NQL), which significantly reduces the time and code required to execute custom queries and calls, enabling clients to quickly build, prototype, back-test, stress-test, and deploy proprietary analytics and strategies. Own to find the desired alpha. These proprietary technologies along with Nuant’s on-chain data service are combined with off-chain market data from major providers to provide a 360-degree view of the digital asset market.

Successful investment management begins with a thorough understanding of the market, its risks and opportunities, where accurate data and intelligence play a critical role. And unlike traditional markets, the digital asset market has some unique characteristics that require a very specialized lens to fully understand. For example, the large amount of data required to generate actionable alpha is a huge challenge to extract, process, and leverage it,” explained Nuant Co-Founder and CEO, Rashid Ajaja. market.”

Stuart Petersen, chief revenue officer at Nuant, added: “For far too long, institutional crypto professionals have had to rely on a mixture of different platforms and self-managed data and communications services for their accounts and wallets, their Excel sheets, formulas, and analytics to gain with understanding. baseline of a portfolio’s market value Most funds haven’t even begun to consider the additional data, analytics and tools required to effectively manage portfolios and gain valuable insights that highlight risks and discover opportunities in an operationally efficient and cost-effective manner Nuant offers the unified platform to assess risk and performance for all holdings current, and gain actionable, real-time intelligence to guide future decisions.”

Nuant expects to bring the first customers to its SaaS platform at the end of 2022.

About Nuant

Nuant is an integrated platform for portfolio management, analysis and due diligence for crypto assets. Through seamless integration with cryptocurrency wallets, custody solutions, and exchange accounts, Nuant provides portfolio managers, researchers, and analysts with a comprehensive overview of their entire portfolio in one place, in real time. A clean and intuitive user interface provides access to a wide range of customizable metrics, analytics, and charts drawn from both chain and market sources. In addition, Nuant greatly simplifies the process and customer experience for conducting custom queries and building, testing, and deploying custom analytics through its query and programming language.

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