Playing against Tron [TRX] In Q4? Please read this update first

Trondau recently released his weekly report which showcased the growth of the network in the DeFi space. It also detailed the improvements recorded by the network in the number of accounts and transactions.

At the time of publication, TRX had noticed a 4.12% growth in its prices last week.

Is growth paying off? throne In the DeFi space combined with its on-chain performance is enough to drive TRX to the moon?

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Looking at the numbers

In the form of DeFi In business, TRX has shown tremendous growth in recent weeks. As can be seen from the image below, TVL saw a peak from September 22nd to grow from $5.3 billion all the way to $5.7 billion at press time.

Source: DeFILama

according to TRON weekly report, RThe number of addresses on the main Tron network increased from 113,696,677 to 1,265,936 in the past week. This indicates that more users are signing up for Tron.

One reason for this growth may be the increasing popularity of Tron in the social media scene. Tron noticed a 41% increase in social mentions and 66% in social media presence.

Although TRX has grown in popularity, public sentiment has not been on Tron’s side during this period. As can be seen from the chart below, sentiment towards Tron has been mostly negative over the past month.

This amount of negative emotion can have a bearish effect TRX’price in the near future.

In addition, a decrease in Tron development activity has been observed, which may be of concern to potential investors.

The decrease in development activity means that there is less activity on Tron’s GitHub, which means that the momentum for updates and updates on the Tron network has decreased.

TRX volume also received a hit and went down with it 57.35% according to the courseI am a cryptanalysis company.

All these factors should be considered by investors who plan to invest in TRX.

Source: feeling

At the time of writing TRX is trading at $0.06271 and its price is up 1.02% in the last 24 hours.

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