BTCUSD By Dexter_The_Trader – Technische Analyze – 2022-10-08 18:22:55

Hey guys, a quick update about BTC .

Time frame: 3 hours.

Preview: In my previous update I clearly mentioned this disapproval and if you’ve been following it you must have made good money by now.

Modernization: There is a lot going on in the market at the moment, and to be honest, this drop is not good for the bulls. But here’s the problem, we have quite a bit of support in the $19.4K range. if BTC It manages to hold this support, then we can expect a rebound in the market and if it fails then the $19,000 level is the level I would expect.
The RSI On the other hand, the invisible person does bullish divergence Within 3 hour time frame. Things look interesting now.

Well, that’s it for now. You booked some good profits on me BTC and ETH short positions. I still have 25% of my positions to further split. If there is any confirmation of a bounce, I would go away.

What do you think of the latest landfill? Do you think it will last or do you even expect to come back again? Share your opinions in the comments.

Thanks a lot for your support. God bless and shop safely.

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