A return to $0.427 would indicate a rally to $0.430

Sunday’s session was quiet, with no network updates or chatter from across the crypto market to offer guidance. However, the ADA remains under pressure, with network updates and the Fed fearing headwinds in the short term.

ADA sees a limited-scale session as investors await project flows

On Sunday, there were no new updates from Input Output HK (IOHK) to offer ADA price support. IOHK . team recycle it Weekly Overnight Development Report, which failed to impress on Friday.

Investors have been waiting for the influx of projects and the jump in a new project starting after the fork of Vasyl Steel. However, the weekly updates have yet to reflect the move to the Cardano ecosystem.

On Friday, Input Output HK released its weekly development report as of 10-07-2022. Highlights include,

  • Cardano node testing documentation is now open source.
  • The Daedalus team is finalizing v.5.1.0.
  • 102 projects were launched in Cardano, up from 100 in the previous week.
  • 1,117 projects based on Cardano, up from 1,113 projects.
  • The total number of transactions increased from 50.4 million to 51.3 million.

Recently, Hoskinson talked about hundreds of projects considering the Cardano network after the hard fork of the mainnet. However, this has not yet materialized, which indicates a return from the bounce back to $0.50 by ADA.

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