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Keep growing, with our feet on the ground, along with trusted partners that give the company a new dimension. Upgrade it to the next level. That was, right from the start, the goal BitBase Cryptocurrency Company. Therefore, they are really proud of their ability to announce the presence of two giants in the sector, DEXTools and WoonklyI just entered into a shareholding in the company.

DEXTools will sit on the BitBase board with 22% of the company, while Woonkly will own 5%. They assured BitBase that it is not losing strength, but growing along with partners Of the utmost confidence and the first level, which, far from weakening their authority, will add value to a project that is ready to climb one step further.

DEXTools, the ultimate tool

DEXTools is currently, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools on the market for Trade on decentralized exchanges (DEX). It allows you to analyze real-time data in a really simple and intuitive way, create unique trading strategies, anticipate market movements, search and find large spreads, track and copy the largest portfolios in the world and much more.

With DEXTools, the user is placed in front of a huge control panel that allows him to be the absolute owner of his investment, with a large variety of tools that focus on your ability to control the situation at all times and create the random component (always present, to a greater or lesser extent) to a minimum. of expression.

In addition, they have a file Code himself or himself, DEXTwhich can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap and of course on BitBase.

Woonkly, a bridge between Web 3.0 and traditional

Is it a social network, an NFT marketplace, a token, or an AMM? blockchain? All that and much more. It’s a Woonkly group. A blockchain technology ecosystem, under whose umbrella a myriad of projects have spawned. And those who will come.

One of the Woonkly Group’s platforms is, an automated market maker (AMM) that recently received a license from the Bank of Spain. But it’s also, First decentralized social network based on NFT (Non-Foldable Tokens). In it, anyone can easily create their own NFTs and sell them in the company’s own market and benefit from publishing their content on a social network that has just released a new update, which has been described as the most technologically advanced in terms of NFTs.

With a focus on mass adoption of blockchain technology, Woonkly Group invests in and helps cryptocurrency companies and startups achieve success. The team states that its greatest interest lies in companies seeking to bring and simplify blockchain technology for all types of users.

Woonkly also has its own icon, WOOPlisted on many central and decentralized exchanges, including BitBase, KuCoin,, Digifinex,, and others.

BitBase, DEXTools, and Woonkly

Now it comes to addition, and the prospects could not be more promising. Three thriving companies, sharing spaces without stepping on each other, with the clear goal of continuing to grow and being in the cockpit of this digital transformation train that is fast running ahead of us and we must catch up.

With DEXTools and Woonkly, the architecture and knowledge of BitBase grows. Quite simply, the company is growing up and entering close but not yet accessible areas, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchains, decentralized exchanges, or AMMs.

BitBase goes one step further in the quest to become One of the most famous and respected cryptocurrency companies in SpainEurope where they are currently processing landing licenses in England, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, and why not, also on the other side of the Atlantic, they have already opened a shop in Paraguay and will soon do so in Venezuela.

Tools my knowledge The utmost consideration and importance in the sector for these two giants is joined by BitBase, which, in and of itself, has been building an entire crypto ecosystem around its brand for years.

A project led by stores (30 at the moment) and ATMs (they will have close to 200 in operation before the end of 2022) where Buy and sell cryptocurrencyalso its own symbol, BTBS (which can be purchased within its ecosystem, on Bittrex and Uniswsap or Pancakeswap) and, very soon, its own app.

Unite to be great. Join to grow. It is BitBase’s goal that makes DEXTools and Woonkly buy a part of the company. Be more and better.

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