China thanked Musk, who recommended the creation of a “Special Administrative Region” for Taiwan

Reuters writes about it.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Elon Musk expressed the view that the dispute over Taiwan is inevitable and that a “Special Administrative Region” should be created for the island state.

…which would be nice enough, but probably not everyone would be happy. It’s totally possible and I think they probably have a more lenient deal from HKFT quotes Musk.

In China, which considers Taiwan its territory and regularly threatens “reunification,” the proposal has received positive reviews. China’s ambassador to the United States thanked Musk for his “call for peace” and his idea of ​​creating a special administrative region for Taiwan.

In fact, peaceful reunification and “” are our main principles for resolving the “Taiwan issue”…“, – Writes Twitter Ambassador.

Instead of Taiwan in Washington, Hsiao Pei Khim replied that Taiwan’s freedom and democracy are not for sale.

Any long-term proposal for our future must be presented peacefully, without coercion, and with respect for the democratic wishes of the Taiwanese people.‘, the message says.

Musk’s controversial statements

Earlier, the American businessman, Elon Musk, said that one of the possible consequences of the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war would be the official consolidation of Russia’s power in the occupied Crimea and a “re-election” in other occupied territories. In addition, it is believed that due to the fact that the Russian Federation has a larger population, “Ukraine’s victory in an all-out war is unlikely.”

Musk wanted to gain support for his opinion on Twitter, where he announced a similar vote among users. Instead, he received a wave of criticism. 2748,378 users voted for the businessman during the day, and most of them (59.1%) voted ‘No’.

A number of diplomats and various public figures have criticized Musk’s proposals. Even the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, replied published Your poll on Twitter: “Which Elon Musk do you like more: who supports Ukraine or who supports Russia?»

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