#BTC broke the support but stay tuned, here’s why! Binance: BTCUSDT By Cryptorphic – Technische Analyze – 10-11 2022 16:46:11

Bitcoin MA violated.
You are likely to see BTC About 18.3 thousand dollars but there will be no reason to panic if you are here in the long run.
The drop would just be a buying opportunity. I will buy BTC at these lower levels.
I added a few today CMP .

for the future merchant:-

For leveraged trading, it is best to stay aside for now. This nice PA will only make you lose money if you don’t use SL. If you’re good at it, you know you can only play 3-4% of moves and get in and out in a few hours, without lasting as long. It’s stressful and risky, so it’s best to walk away if you’re new.

Conclusion: – Market sentiment like when BTC Trade under $6000.
The most common were at the same time.
Remember this idea, I do not recommend selling or short selling here. This is the best time to start accumulating.
The market will surprise you soon. It may take a couple of months but it’s better to start piling up BTC . Not sure about ALTCOINS though BTC yes!
So do your research and if you find it right, keep compiling and wait for the right time. I will be sharing more clarity in my booth soon.
So stay tuned and follow me.

Do your own research, this is not financial advice.

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