BTCUSD By FieryTrading – Technical Analysis – 10-11-2022 19:40:20

2 weeks ago, BTC has volatility It was very low. Although it has fallen to the point that the Dow has become more volatile, which it has only happened 3 times before in history.

The first time this happened was two days before the final sale in 2018, which led to a 50% drop in the price of Bitcoin and eventually led to the eventual bottom of the bear market.

The second time this happened was in the summer of 2020, it marked the start of the latest crypto bull market with a 35% bullish rally.

We are now witnessing the third time this has happened. The market is preparing for another historical move, it remains to be seen whether it will rise or fall. All I know is that huge internal movement favors bears because we are still in a bear market, just like 2018.

It is difficult to say when this large price movement will occur. tomorrow CPI The report could be the catalyst that the market has been waiting for.

what do you think? Are we going up or down?

BTCUSD from FieryTrading
– Technical Analysis – 10-11-2022 19:40:20 – Coinfune [SV]

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