FTMUSDT By FieryTrading – Technical Analysis – 10-12-2022 01:02:46

2 weeks ago I did an analysis FTME Where I argued for it FTME maybe see more bearish print in the near future.

🔥 Complete FTM Head & Shoulders: Massive Sales ahead?

Starting from today , FTME Successfully hacked through the bottom support ring on H&S pattern. Personally, this is bearish Signal I was waiting for pattern confirmation.

My goals are the same as before. In the short term, a drop towards $0.15 is the most likely scenario for me. If we get a complete sell-off of the shares in the market, we can actually go lower and head towards my second target of $0.055, and we’ll see how far we come.

FTMUSDT by FieryTrading
– Technical Analysis – 10-12-2022 01:02:46 – Coinfunny [SV]

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