Media: Elon Musk allegedly spoke with Putin before publishing his “peace plan” to end the war

Vice Publishing writes about it.

As noted, the alleged conversation between Putin and Musk became known from a mailing list of the political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, founded by American political scientist Ian Bremer.

Bremer wrote in the letter: Tesla CEO Elon Musk told him that Putin was “ready for negotiations,” but only if Crimea remained Russian, would Ukraine adopt the form of permanent neutrality and recognize the temporary annexation of the occupied territories.

Putin allegedly told Musk that these goals would be achieved “no matter what,” including a nuclear strike, if Ukraine liberated occupied Crimea. Musk told Bremer that “Everything must be done to avoid such an outcome“.

Elon Musk himself has not yet commented on this Vice message.

It is reported that the day before, an American businessman had stated that one of the possible outcomes of the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war would be the formal consolidation of Russian power over occupied Crimea and a “re-election” in other occupied territories. .

In addition, it is believed that due to the fact that the population of the Russian Federation is larger, “Ukraine’s victory in an all-out war is unlikely.”

Musk published his version of his “peace plan” to end the war, which also includes Ukraine’s neutrality and the provision of water supplies to Crimea. He wanted to gain support for his opinion and announced a similar vote among users.

Instead, he received a wave of criticism. 2748,378 users participated in the business vote during the day, and most of them (59.1%) voted against these terms to end the war.

A number of diplomats and various public figures have criticized Musk’s proposals. Even the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, replied published Your poll on Twitter: “Which Elon Musk do you like more: who supports Ukraine or who supports Russia?»

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