What mistakes do traders make? For BITSTAMP: BTCUSD by MonoCoinSignal – Technische Analysis – 10-11 2022 04:46:08

What mistakes do traders make?

1. It is forbidden to store the capital in a place other than the wallet!
Do not keep your capital somewhere other than your wallet. Sometimes some people keep their capital in the exchange portfolio for a long or short period of time. This is very wrong. If the exchange you want where your capital is stored in the hands of hackers or exploiters, you will definitely lose all your capital. Using this calculation, we conclude that only when you intend to buy and sell, put your capital in the stock market and then withdraw your capital again if you want to stop doing it for a while. This is better for you because you can better manage your capital.

2. Greed is forbidden!
There are a lot of greedy people in the global markets, especially digital currencies. People active in this field should not be too greedy because if this happens it could destroy them. Our suggestion to you is not to buy with your feelings and let them make perfect purchases in time.

3. Excessive risk is prohibited!
Risks in the financial markets must be equated with greed. If you risk a lot in the cryptocurrency market, you may face many failures. If this problem occurs, you will surely waste your capital.
You may have heard that Bitcoin , for example, will be at its best price in the next few days. So after hearing this news greed comes to you, and this event makes you buy emotionally.

4. It is forbidden to repeat the mistake!
Before entering the trading market, you should know that every trade is a lesson for you. In every transaction you get many lessons that you should remember. No one will ever make the same mistake again, and surely, if this happens to you, you should know that you will lose your capital one day.

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