Prytula sent a book called Mask on the history of Ukraine

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“I hope this helps you understand why surrendering to the evil Russian empire is not an option for Ukrainians.”Volunteer Books.

He added that the remaining $63,100 will be spent on Motorola R7 radios for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

What did?

On October 3, American businessman Elon Musk said that one possible outcome of the end of the Russo-Ukrainian war would be the formal consolidation of Russian power over occupied Crimea and a “re-election” in other occupied territories.

In addition, it is believed that due to the fact that the population of the Russian Federation is larger, “Ukraine’s victory in an all-out war is unlikely.”

Musk posted his version of his “peace plan” to end the war, which also provides for Ukraine’s neutrality and the provision of water supplies to Crimea, on Twitter. He wanted to gain support for his opinion and announced a similar vote among users.

Instead, he received a wave of criticism. 2748,378 users participated in the business vote during the day, and most of them (59.1%) voted against these terms to end the war.

A number of diplomats and various public figures have criticized Musk’s proposals. Even the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, replied published Your poll on Twitter: “Which Elon Musk do you like more: who supports Ukraine or who supports Russia?“.

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