Ripple v. SEC: I-Remit goes even further with an expanded “friend” attraction

The price of XRP has risen more than 4% in the past three days, according to data from CoinMarketCap. In the past seven days, XRP traded as high as $0.503 before declining to its current level of $0.493.

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Cryptocurrency traders’ interest in XRP turned to the upside after the parent company recorded a string of victories against the US regulator.

But you ask, what led to this?

Dot guessing game

According to a report, Judge Annalisa Torres has agreed to I-Remit and Tapjet’s request to file friendly briefs to defend Ripple Labs in the SEC against the ongoing SEC. XRP process.

Needless to say, the Securities and Exchange Commission contested this finding because the approved parties were leaning toward Ripple.

Did the opposition succeed? Well, I-Remit went further in the Ripple v. SEC with extended resume. Prominent attorney James Phelan highlighted this development in a tweet dated October 13.

In its filing, the Philippine payments company added more support for Ripple technologies such as RippleNet and ODL. In fact, the platform argued that XRP was not a security, as the US regulator alleges in this lawsuit. The report further stated,

“As a major ODL client, I-Remit is interested in the outcome of this lawsuit due to its reliance on the XRP and XRL Ledger. I-Remit has in-depth knowledge of these technologies that will facilitate court evaluation of the arguments made by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Where is the limit?

Prior to this, the Digital Chamber of Commerce, the leading global organization in the field of blockchain commerce, lent its support to Ripple as a friend of the court case. If not the price, at least the carriers remain optimistic about this eternal experience.

But if you ask when will the trial end? It would be difficult to derive the answer.

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