01etc and Seoul Design Foundation Open NFT Exhibition

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Seoul Design Plaza opened “DDP-NFT Exhibition” on October 11

The second round of the NFT competition will be held on November 3

Provides an opportunity to view all artworks presented in the offline gallery

NFT 01etc Market, operated by Delio, Korea’s first crypto bank, opened the NFT Fair at Seoul Design Plaza (DDP) through cooperation with the Seoul Design Foundation.

The NFT Gallery is organized under the themes “Introduction to NFT”, where visitors to the gallery discover the basic principles and concepts of NFT, the “NFT Gallery” section featuring artworks by well-known NFT artists, and the “NFT Designer Contest”, which is dedicated to the 01etc:s NFT competition.

01etc has partnered with the Seoul Design Foundation to host the “DDP-NFT Collection Vol.1: NFT Designer Contest” since September 1st. 01etc NFT’s content is based on the theme of points, lines, and dimensions that represent Dongdaemun Digital Plaza (DDP), a complex cultural district in Seoul created by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. All digital art presentations, including paintings, drawings and 3D images submitted by participants, will be shown live on the exhibition screens.

The second round dedicated to the NFT competition, which coincided with the opening of the exhibition, will continue to collect NFT artworks through November 3, with the next exhibition in the second round on November 8. Alongside the various campaigns for new artists, a winning special exhibition focusing on art will take place after the competition ends. More information about the NFT competition can be found at 01etc.

To raise awareness of the NFT industry, 01etc conducted a training seminar last month. Over 200 artists not familiar with NFTs had the opportunity to attend the academic session and learn through the step-by-step explanation of each section of the competition, from the introduction to the basic ideas behind the NFT version and how to use the platform.

In our congratulations, James Jung, CEO of Delio, said NFTs have created an innovative economy where artists are at the center of economic activity. “I hope that many people with 01etc will be able to achieve their financial goals and achieve their dreams,” he added.

Kyung Don Lee, CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation continued: β€œIn the midst of global digital transformation across countries, I hope that Korea will actively support the global movement, as well as NFTs, which have emerged as a new entry point for contemporary artists.”

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