BTCUSDT By Aadil1000x – Technische Analyze – 10-14-2022 17:55:04

Hello traders!

Welcome back to another episode with analyst Adel 1000x.

Time is closer, waiting for the price to drop below 10k as it was at 30k+. Looking at this correction, everyone can tell that a big breakout is coming, but the problem is that many traders are not aware of the trend.

Here are some tips I have to tell you to make it easier.

When there is a correction, you just need to see if there is a strong resistance trend line or not. In this case, there is a correction and there is a strong resistance trend line starting from the top. The next step is always to sell after the resistance trend line is broken.

Most of the traders buy after breaking the resistance trend line but it is not working. I will post some examples so you can see what happens after the hack.

example 1

Example 2

BTC is preparing for a fake

This post is a deep analysis of this entire patch. This patch is a collection of many fake patterns and many other interactive patterns. It is easy to detect any pattern if you have the correct information in your database. There is also a chance of failure in wartime and in high-powered news.

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