Will Starlink continue to operate in Ukraine and when will the first NASAMS arrive: the main thing for October 14

The Kremlin threatens to end the “grain agreement”. The US will deliver the first NASAMS to Ukraine by the end of October and has announced a new aid package; The Ukrainian authorities are in negotiations regarding the Internet connection from Starlink. We collected the main news for October 14th.

Kremlin threats

The Russian Federal Security Service said the explosives used to blow up the Crimean bridge were likely sent by sea from Odessa. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if it turns out that the humanitarian corridors are “used to launch terrorist attacks”, this will put the “grain agreement” into question. But so far there is no such information.

This is not the first time that Russia has threatened to cancel the “grain agreement”. The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, even handed the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres a list of complaints related to the “Grain Agreement”. Russia threatens to withdraw from the agreement in November if its demands are not met. Exactly what these requirements are has not been specified.

Not only that, Putin said after the Crimean Bridge bombing “Now you have to think 10 times how important it is for the Russian Federation to communicate with Crimea“.

When will the Qurum bridge be repaired?

Russia plans to restore the so-called Crimean Bridge, which connects the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied peninsula, by July 2023. Although previously it was said that there was no serious damage.

LLC “Nizhneangarsktransstroy” has been appointed as the executor of repair work on the Crimean bridge. According to the Russian publication SOTA, this is a Moscow company that participated in state procurement only once for 492 thousand rubles, moreover, it is unprofitable.

Packing in the Russian Federation

Putin stated that 33,000 were newly mobilized to the ranks of the Russian occupation army in units and that 16,000 were already carrying out combat missions. According to him, 222 thousand of the planned 300 thousand have already been mobilized and “No new mobilization proposals were received from the Ministry of Defense and were not plannedYes, the Kremlin promises to complete all mobilization procedures within two weeks.

I moved

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukraine will receive the first few NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems from the United States by the end of this month. The Ukrainian army is currently being trained to master these air defense systems.

According to Reuters, the United States is also preparing a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $725 million. It will include ammunition and vehicles. No new weapons or anti-aircraft defenses are expected. But US officials with whom reporters spoke emphasized that the time, content and cost of the package could change until the last minute.

Explosions in Belgorod

On the evening of October 14, explosions were heard in the Russian city of Belgorod, and then a fire was recorded at the local 110-kilowatt substation. Part of the city remained without light.

What’s up with Starlink?

On October 14, billionaire Elon Musk confirmed that his company SpaceX wants to abandon the financing of satellite Internet services in Ukraine, which are provided by Starlink stations. This was reported earlier by the media.

But the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhailo Fedorov emphasized that Starlink stations in Ukraine “Work and work and workand Adviser to the Chief of Staff of the President’s Office, Mikhailo Podolyak pointed, that Ukraine will find a solution for Starlink to continue its work. We talked more about the tension between Ukraine and Musk here.

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