‘To Hell’: Elon Musk said he will continue to pay for Starlink services to Ukraine

Musk wrote about this on Twitter.

“To hell… Even though Starlink is still losing money and other companies are getting billions of dollars from taxpayers, we will just continue to fund the Government of Ukraine for free.” announced.

Before that, it seemed that Musk could not have made a decision about supporting Ukraine. When was the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Ukraine, Mikhailo Fedorov confirmedthat Starlink remains an important part of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and has helped quickly restore communications in sensitive areas, Musk replied: “Delighted to support Ukraine.”

But already in the tweets coming from Musk Wrote: “Starlink is the main communication system of the Ukrainian army at the war front. If anyone else wants to do this work, please do it.”

What did?

On October 14, Elon Musk confirmed that his company SpaceX wants to abandon the financing of satellite Internet services in Ukraine, provided by Starlink terminals. This was reported earlier by the media.

Instead, SpaceX is asking the Pentagon to take over funding for Starlink’s government and military use in Ukraine. According to the company, more than $120 million is needed to pay for services by the end of this year and about $400 million for next year.

But according to SpaceX data provided to the Pentagon, about 85% of the 20,000 (25,000 – according to Musk) stations in Ukraine have been at least partially paid for by the United States, Poland or other organizations. They also paid about 30% of the internet connection.

So SpaceX’s request infuriated the Pentagon’s top management, CNN wrote. A senior defense official said that Musk company “He has the nerve to pretend they’re heroes.”, when others pay too much. In addition, Ukrainian volunteers published receipts for payment for Internet services from Starlink.

Furthermore, an American businessman advertiserwhat or what “Implement recommendations” Andrey Melnik, the former ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, who sent the mask “go to hell” Through his “peace plan” to end the war in Ukraine. The diplomat published his reaction only in October, and the message was sent to SpaceX, according to the media, in September.

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