Ukrainians gathered for Martyr Hunter, and Musk will continue to fund Starlink in Ukraine: the main thing for October 15

Ukrainians donated 150 million hryvnia to Martyr Hunter, an oil depot was burning in Belgorod, Russia, and Elon Musk changed his mind and announced that he would continue to pay for Starlink services to Ukraine. We collected the main news for October 15th.

The Martyrs Hunter group is closed

On the evening of October 15, the charitable fundraising operation, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the anti-drone complex under the code name “Martyr Hunter”, ended. In less than two days, Ukrainians donated 150 million hryvnia.

In exchange for their donation, some will win a bracelet made of the last batch of metal from Azovstal.

Bracelet from the last part of the cry from “Azovstal” with the inscription “VIRYU ZSU”

Musk will continue to fund Starlink

American businessman Elon Musk said he will continue to fund Starlink for Ukraine, after statements that he wants to stop doing so.

“To hell… Even though Starlink is still losing money and other companies are getting billions of dollars from taxpayers, we will just continue to fund the Government of Ukraine for free.” he wrote.

An oil depot caught fire in Belgorod

On the afternoon of October 15, it was known that one of the oil depots caught fire in Belgorod, Russia. According to the district governor, one of the shells fell on the oil depot. He accused the armed forces of bombing. Later, the Russian media reported that the fire had been extinguished.

Several explosions were also heard in Sevastopol. The so-called governor of occupied Sevastopol stated that the air defense forces were operating in the Kozachi Bay “in training mode”.

Schulz called for reform of the European Union

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has called for reforming the European Union to make it suitable for new countries, as well as strengthening the bloc’s defense efforts. He also called for the gradual abolition of the principle of consensus in EU decisions.

new bombing

On the night of October 15, the Russian occupation launched a missile attack on one of the gatherings Kyiv region. According to preliminary data, there were no injuries. But during the attack, the Russians severely damaged the power plant, which is why an emergency power outage is possible in the Kyiv region.

As the Russians attacked at night Dnipropetrovsk regionAs a result, two people were injured. Damaged civilian infrastructure.

on me Zaporozhye The occupiers carried out four strikes by drones at night, and in the morning they fired 10 S-300 missiles. Infrastructure targets were destroyed, and there were no casualties.

and after Donetsk region On the last day, October 14, the Russians struck 21 raids. The police recorded the results of the bombing in 11 settlements. There are wounded and killed, and the occupiers destroyed and damaged 30 civilian targets.

Russian troops arrive in Belarus

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the arrival of the first ranks of Russian troops to the so-called territorial group of forces. Its creation was explained by the “building of NATO military capabilities” near the borders of Belarus.

In Belarus, they said that this is a regional grouping of forces of the “Union State”. ‘A purely defensive project’ To strengthen the protection and defense of state borders To reduce military activity in border areas.

situation in front

During October 15, the Russian Defense Forces repelled Russian attacks in the areas of 11 settlements, struck control points, areas of concentration of manpower and equipment, as well as ammunition depots of the occupiers.

According to the General Staff, Russia still had problems providing the newly mobilized people for the war against Ukraine. A unit from the Russian Federation arrived in the city of Bology, Zaporozhye region, its personnel partly dressed in civilian clothes.

Continuing mobilization in Russia

International oil services company Schlumberger has delivered subpoenas to its employees who are citizens of the Russian Federation and do not allow them to move to remote work to avoid mobilization. Head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmytro Kuleba noted that Schlumberger funds war crimes and genocide while staying in Russia, and is now also cooperating with the authorities of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, a member of the Russian State Duma, Oleksandr Khinstein, said that “Rosgard” was given orders to strengthen the security of military commissariats in Moscow and a number of other Russian cities due to frequent attacks against the background of mobilization. .

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