Boat condition can be tampered with thanks to ETH . whales

Compound financing [COMP] It came as a surprise addition to the tokens traded by the top 500 Ethereum [ETH] whales in the last 24 hours. Whale-tracking platform WhaleStats revealed the update with COMP’s break-in to the top ten tokens.

Here AMBCryptos Price Prediction for COMP For the year 2023-2024

Despite the attention the whales have given COMP, it has not led to a positive trend for all of its trading volume. According to Santiment, COMP works 24 hours Trading volume It fell 30.18% to $17.36 million. Before the dip, the price of COMP rose to $40.32 million as the crypto market saw some respite.

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wait! Were COMP whales at the party?

Interestingly, it did not appear that the company whales were interested in attending the gathering. This was because the on-chain data showed quite a few elective transactions within the recently installed ecosystem.

feelings too open Electoral transactions amounting to $1 million and more were only four at the time of this news item. For transactions in the $100,000 region, there were two. Therefore, interest in COMP can be limited to the activities of ETH whales adding more tokens to their portfolio.

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In addition, the initial surge in active COMP titles and trading on October 13th appears to have lost steam. At the time of writing, COMP’s active 24 hour addresses totaled 250. The one-day release also had decreased to 34500.

Therefore, this meant less accumulation and trading activities among private investors. Also, the number of unique COMP tokens circulating the previous day was lower than it was two to three days ago.

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of growth and predicaments

COMP’s Total Closed Value (TVL) appears to be sluggish at press time. according to Davy LamaCOMP’s TVL was valued at 2.29 billion. The DeFi aggregator also showed that the present value decreased by 0.37% over the last 24 hours.

However, one month performance per TVL was positive, with DeFi Llama reporting a growth of 4.99%. As such, investors in the compound’s lending, betting and liquidity pools have found it beneficial to attract more funds over the past 30 days.

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According to the price, the performance of COMP is slightly different from the TVL mode. At the time of writing, the lending protocol is trading at $54.60. This price represents a decrease of 1.58% over the past 24 hours based on CoinMarketCap data.

Over a year ago, the all-time high for COMP (ATH) was $910.54 and trading at the current price may not be something investors will be happy about.

However, the crypto market sentiment has struggled to build concrete bullish signals. Therefore, corporate investors may need to be patient before anticipating a rally.

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