Smart Token Labs empowers Cat-derived NFTs and World of Women for Devcon VI attendees in Bogotá

[PRESS RELEASE – Sydney, Australia, 15th October 2022]

Theme NFTs include the Devcon VI brand and are available to authorized ticket holders, with future royalties shared with charities

Smart Token Labs used BrandExtender-derived NFT solution to create a unique NFT demo for 6000 attendees at Devcon VI in Bogota this week

Each participant has the opportunity to dress up as a Cool Cat or World of Women NFT in Devcon VI-branded clothing and other items and stamp the NFT as a fully serialized derivative based on the original Cool Cat or WoW.

NFTs are offered to participants as part of Permissionless Perks which is an open platform for third parties to provide benefits or offers to authorized ticket holders based on their ticket credentials.

“We were excited to be involved in introducing unauthorized perks across crypto tokens and,” said Victor Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Smart Token Labs. “We thought it was only appropriate to offer our own benefit to Devcon VI attendees. It comes in the form of Devcon VI-branded derivatives based on two great NFT kits specifically four Cool Cat and World of Women NFT owned STL singles.”

To claim NFT derivatives, participants must prove that they hold a ticket through a ticket certificate.

When they go to the Suit Up website online, they can wear their derivatives in a variety of outfits and have them engraved on the chain. The ticket holder pays the petrol fee, but NFT itself offers it free of charge. Future royalties from secondary sales will be split between Devcon and Devcon and STL ticket holders at 3%, 2%, and 1%, respectively. Devcon and STL will donate royalties to charities or projects that support the Ethereum community.

NFT fashion artwork was developed in collaboration with WeDiscover, a Sydney-based product, design and creative agency.

About Smart Token Labs

Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for the future of tokens. Since 2017, it has built two primary bridges to this future: AlphaWallet, an open source mobile NFT wallet, and TokenScript, a new framework for token synthesizer and interoperability. BrandConnector is an advanced token portal solution based on the open source tokenScript framework.

Smart Token Labs was enabled after the NFT-derived Cool Cat and World of Women program for Devcon VI attendees in Bogota which debuted on CryptoPotato.

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