The most prominent feature of cryptocurrencies during the month so far

In the first half of October, several crypto-related companies secured several million donations. Some examples include Horizon Blockchain Games, Step, Uniswap Labs, Copper Technologies, and Investment Starter Pad.

Since the beginning of the year, digital asset companies have raised more than $30 billion. Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital played a major role, both of whom completed $9 billion in fundraising.

early october

At the beginning of the month, Juno Blockchain begins I brought $18 million to provide additional cryptocurrency services to users and create the first token loyalty program.

A few days later, video game studio and blockchain infrastructure company – Horizon Blockchain Games – open A $40 million Series A funding round. The initiative has been led by several giants in the fintech sector, such as Brevan Howard Digital, Morgan Creek Digital, Polygon, Xchange, Translink, and more.

Horizon Blockchain Games raised hopes that the new capital would help its efforts in the Web3 sector by providing various products and applications to customers.

Next on the list is Scale3 Labs – a startup that supports blockchain node operators. The entity headed by former Coinbase employees – Ola Muse and Karthik Kalyanaraman – originated $5.3 million to build developer tools for the Web3 world.

Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency miner TeraWulf also jumped on the cart Announces Raised $17 million to increase its operating capacity above 1.6 hectares/sec.

Banking platform step Believer $300 million in debt financing. The funds will help achieve the company’s goal of launching a cryptocurrency platform.

last few days

On October 12, the web3 platform – Nxyz – accomplishment A $40 million funding round led by Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, Sequoia Capital and other prominent players. She promised to use the money to hire more professionals for her departments.

On the same day, Twitch co-founder – Justin Kahn – I brought 14 million dollars. The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and his goal is to transform Kan’s Rye’s platform into a “Shopify of Web3”.

UK-based crypto custodian – Copper Technologies – has also joined the club Announces US$196 million from Series C funding round. Existing and new shareholders took $181 million of the total capital, while $15 million came in convertible bonds.

On October 13, Uniswap Labs – the team behind the popular decentralized exchange – It was an introduction $165 million in fundraising to guide NFT efforts. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), SV Angel, Paradigm and Variant were among the companies that led the investment.

A day later, a cryptocurrency investment was launched in Singapore – Pillow – Believer $18.1 million in Series A funding round. One of its founders, Arindam Roy, described that the entity has already spread its presence among 60 countries, while the multi-million capital could enable it to target more countries.

Some of the biggest fundraisers of 2022

US venture capital firms – Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Sequoia Capital – are the two organizations that have announced their largest funding rounds so far this year.

In January, the previous I brought $9 billion to double its participation in the cryptocurrency sector, during the month of May Believer Another $4.5 billion increase. Ariana Simpson – general partner at a16z – said a bear market is the ideal period for such massive investments.

This summer, the Chinese subsidiary of Sequoia Capital matched the efforts of Andreessen Horowitz a plus $9 billion for four new funds. The capital will support fintech and cryptocurrency startups in the world’s most populous country.

The highlights of this month’s crypto fundraising so far have appeared for the first time on CryptoPotato.

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