Binance launches a series of features that push the boundaries of innovation

Innovation is an ever-present phenomenon at the core of the crypto space, driving the advancement of the industry and enabling cryptocurrencies to reach the masses. From adopting advanced technology to offering new user perspectivesEvery aspect of the crypto industry is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of crypto users.

Being at the forefront of such an ever-evolving field, platforms must push the boundaries of innovation and push it to become an industry leader. Binance, the largest provider of cryptocurrency infrastructure and blockchain technology, understands what it means to be an industry leader rather than just the biggest player in the crypto space. The platform is aware of the myriad of responsibilities inherent in the past and is finding new ways to move the industry forward.

Even when the market is gripped by a recession that is destroying platforms and hampering the development of the crypto ecosystem, it seems that the Binance platform has not been affected by any of them. Last month, Binance brought together the brightest minds in Web3 and launched an incredible lineup of new products with over fifty updates and new features released, all while keeping users at the heart of everything they do.

New product innovations

Binance platform launched the opening of Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, a three-day event that showcases the best of Web3, expanding its ever-growing range of products, including a more user-friendly approach to generating passive crypto income. At the same time, the platform continued to drive product innovation by launching a number of new products and updating many features:

Binance Gift Cards Market: The Binance Gift Cards Market Brings additional benefits and fun with exclusive activities and three new types of crypto gift cards:

  • fixed class
  • Money back
  • mystery

Fixed denomination gift cards provide an even easier buying experience, allowing users to purchase cards loaded with specific amounts of supported cryptocurrencies without having to manually convert beforehand.

On the other hand, mystery gift cards and cashback give users access to limited time activities for a chance to get their share of crypto prizes. Last month, the platform offered $33,000 in MC and DEGO bonuses.

Easy Earning: The platform has Revamped some of the most popular Binance Earn products and combined Flexible Savings, Locked Savings and Locked Bets into a single platform called easy to earn.

As the name suggests, Simple Earn simplifies the crypto sign-up process and offers a first-hand experience of digital asset incentives. With a single click, users can subscribe to their favorite assets on a flexible plan, which allows them to redeem at any time, or a locked plan, which offers higher rewards for fixed-term subscriptions.

Binance Labs Improves Web 3 Infrastructure: Binance Labs It has invested in six projects, including Layer 1 Aptos, blockchain security company Salus Security, Web3 infrastructure provider Mysten Labs, Name Service Network Space Identifier, and Bitquery for blockchain data business.

Binance Labs, the official incubator and venture capital arm of Binance, is tracking and supporting new Web3 initiatives by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

BUSD launch in Avalanche and Polygon: BUSD is now powered by the Avalanche and Polygon networks, giving users a fast and secure way to transfer regulated US dollar-backed stablecoins between platforms. BUSD is also available on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and BNB Beacon Chain.

Binance ID: The Binance ID allows users to sign up and log into third-party websites using their Binance account, just like they sign in to Google, Apple, and Facebook. In addition, neither the Binance platform nor its affiliates own any of the third-party platforms that support the Binance ID.

Binance app update

More trading tools: The platform included tools such as daily change percentage, token information and funding history, a 1-second K-line chart and a list of favs that appear on the homepage. With these added features, users can now review price changes down to the second in local time zones while tracking the performance history of their favorite tokens.

Binance Options Renewal: Binance recently launched a revamped Binance Options trading platform on the Binance App. Traders can now hedge their investment portfolios or express their opinions on the market with European style options contracts in a clean and intuitive user interface. For users who are not familiar with options trading, the platform offers a complete guide for more information.

discovery flow: The platform has redesigned the main page of Binance Pro mode to make it easier to discover content. Users will now see the Discover content feed at the bottom of the main page of the Pro version of the Binance app.

The new Discover feed showcases a wealth of content as it is published, connecting users with the latest news, events and insights about Web3. As users explore the Discover feed, the app’s system automatically recommends content based on what the user clicks and reads.

The Discover Feed will connect Binance users to the world of Web3 in real time by providing the latest news on the crypto economy, trending topics among the community, and insightful articles on over 400 crypto and blockchain related topics.

Book encrypted airline tickets: The platform has partnered with Crypto Air Tickets, which allows users to book and pay for airline tickets with just a few clicks on the Binance app using the crypto balance in the wallet.

The Crypto Air Tickets mini app offers more than 1,000 airlines and 9,000 locations to choose from, and is the easiest way to book airline tickets using cryptocurrency. Users can simply choose a destination and convenient view, then pay for the ticket using HODL-ed funds with Binance Pay.

Building tools for the crypto community and beyond

Binance’s inherent values ​​remain unchanged despite the negative market sentiment as the platform continues to build for its users and the larger digital asset space. Binance has always been a standard trading platform with innovative business models designed to build new features to benefit users.

The platform strives to push the boundaries of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by frequently deploying innovations that can bring greater benefit to the crypto community, thus reshaping the perspective of crypto users from all over the world.

For more information about the platform, check out Official Website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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