USA and EU discuss Starlink funding for Ukraine. Musk says he has already withdrawn his request for money

Politico writes about it.

Two anonymous officials involved in the discussions said the Pentagon is considering paying Starlink to Ukraine from a fund used to supply weapons and equipment.

Officially, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jaron Garn said the US Department of Defense has no data to make public, so it will not speculate about future security assistance packages.

At the same time, payment for satellite Internet for Ukraine is being discussed in the European Union. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielos Landsbergis told Politico that it could be an agreement between a coalition of countries that could pay for SpaceX’s service to Ukrainians.

Landsbergis believes that access to the Internet should not remain in the hands of a “superpowerful” person who can”To wake up one day and say, “I don’t want to do this anymore, that’s it.” And the next day, Ukrainians may find themselves without the Internet“.

According to Landsbergis, this topic was discussed at the meeting of EU foreign ministers on October 17. The EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, raised the issue.Some countries also joined“.

In Response to Politico Report, Elon Musk advertiser, that SpaceX has already withdrawn its funding request to the Pentagon. He stated that 25,300 Starlink stations were sent to Ukraine, but only 10,630 paid for the service.

What did?

On October 14, Elon Musk confirmed that his company SpaceX wants to abandon the financing of satellite Internet services in Ukraine, provided by Starlink terminals. This was reported earlier by the media.

Instead, SpaceX has asked the Pentagon to take over funding for Starlink’s government and military use in Ukraine. According to the company, more than $120 million is needed to pay for services by the end of this year and about $400 million for next year.

But according to SpaceX data provided to the Pentagon, about 85% of the 20,000 (25,000 – according to Musk) stations in Ukraine have been at least partially paid for by the United States, Poland or other organizations. They also paid about 30% of the internet connection.

So SpaceX’s request infuriated the Pentagon’s top management, CNN wrote. A senior defense official said that Musk company “He has the nerve to pretend they’re heroes.”, when others pay too much. In addition, Ukrainian volunteers published receipts for payment for Internet services from Starlink.

In the end, after a flurry of criticism, Musk said, “Go to hell” and announced that he would continue to pay for Starlink’s Ukraine services.

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