Co-founder Terra Do Kwon developed a Twitter personality for “Entertainment Value”

Speaking from an unknown place in Unrestricted podcastTerra Do Kwon’s co-founder said his abrasive Twitter personality has evolved over time and that it has been “largely for entertainment value”.

“The language used in this area is dirty talk,” he said of his tweets, which in the past had a joking or aggressive tone. “Given the past, I should have adhered to a stricter standard.”

He noted that his tone was in response to the joking tactics used by encrypted Twitter residents.

“Just because there are anonymous cartoon characters, more liberal with the words they use, doesn’t mean I should have followed them.”

When asked what he would have done differently in Introduction to the Collapse of the Terra EcosystemOne of the items on Kwon’s list was “to be less aggressive and less joking on Twitter.”

“Spending less time on social media and talking to people I think would have definitely helped me get more work done,” he said.

Although he regretted his posts and called some of his old tweets “quite scary,” he said he had no intention of deleting them.

“People have told me to delete them, but I think it’s only useful to keep them, you know, just for record keeping and posterity.”

Kwon Tera’s Tweets

Kwon is known to use Twitter to respond to his critics describing them as “poor” to me Make-up to their competitors and publish Memes And the Pop culture references.

His gentle tone has at times drawn criticism amid the downfall of Terra, given its devastating effect on many investors.

Even with the outbreak of the two Tera cryptocurrency in May, Kwon Try to calm fears In a series of tweets, she promised more capital and a recovery plan before admit defeat.

Since the crisis, his use of Twitter has been less frequent, periodically returning to share clarifications or retweet other crypto projects.

In recent weeks, Kwon has used the platform to respond to South Korean authorities and media reports, claiming that he is not “on the run”He denied any connection to the $62 million in funds that were made Prosecutors tried to freeze.

During the podcast, Kwon said his use of Twitter is due to his being an introvert, as well as pressure from Terra’s growing community.

“As Terra has grown, it has become more and more appealing to the community to be more open and honest about my thoughts and opinions and to be more transparent about the things we are working on,” he said.

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