Ripple Test Compatible with Ethereum Sidechain for XRP Ledger

In an announcement on the RippleX developer portal on October 17, engineer Mayukha Vadari said that the XRPL Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain is now live on the devnet.

The blueprint for further Ethereum compatibility with Ripple was originally introduced in September 2021, but has now finally been launched for broader testing and development.

Vadari said that blockchain technology company Peersyst has deployed the sidechain so that developers can move Solidity smart contracts to Ripple’s ledger.

Ripple EVM Roadmap

The first phase of the launch also includes a bridge between the EVM Chains and the XRP Ledger Deevnet so that developers can access both options.

According to the announcement, the second phase, coming in early 2023, will feature “a side chain and permissionless EVM bridge with a unique design that connects to XRPL Deevnet to expand engagement and test scalability in a controlled environment.”

The third stage is distribution on the main network, but a time frame has not yet been determined. The EVM side chain, which uses XRP as its native currency, will support Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications such as the popular browser wallet MetaMask, Remix and Truffle.

Vadari said that making XRPL compatible with the EVM could “undermine its efficiency, scalability, and security” before adding:

“So instead of forcing developers to choose between chains, Peersyst and Ripple collaborated to create an EVM sidechain connected to the main XRPL.”

Ripple wants more than just an Ethereum-compatible side chain. In January, it launched its own NFT protocol and token standard called XLS-20, which allows developers to create NFTs directly on the XRP Ledger. she was sperm It was launched last month but not yet implemented.

XRP Price Reaction

Ripple’s native XRP token did not show much reaction to the devnet’s distribution, gaining just 1.5% on the day.

XRP is currently trading at $0.474, having lost 13% over the past week. But the advance in the ongoing SEC battle has boosted XRP prices by 26% over the past month, when most other altcoins continued to decline.

XRP is currently down 86% from its January 2018 high of $3.40. It will likely get another boost if the company wins against the SEC, which has accused it of conducting an unregistered securities sale, although the ruling is unlikely to happen until the first half of 2023.

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