Weapons from Italy, a meeting of ombudsmen in Ukraine and Russia and explosions in Mykolaiv: the most important things on the night of October 18

Italy offers Ukraine a new package of military aid, the ombudsmen of Ukraine and the Russian Federation met during the prisoner exchange, and in Mykolaiv at night after the explosions, the electric current disappeared. We collected the main news on the night of October 18th.

Weapons from Italy

Italy offers Ukraine a new package of military aid, “Which will greatly help in increasing our defensive capacity against Russian aggression”Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said. Details have not yet been revealed

In Mykolaiv, the electric current has disappeared

On the night of October 18, explosions broke out in Mykolaiv, after which the city lost electricity. According to Suskilny, there is no electricity in part of the area.

Local authorities stated that repairs are already underway, and all services are working.

fighting in the south

The Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group tried to bypass the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kherson region, but as a result of the firing battle it suffered losses and was forced to retreat.

The Ukrainian army during the day destroyed 22 occupiers and 11 units of their equipment in the south, as well as two ammunition depots.

Canada’s new sanctions

Canada imposed additional sanctions on 34 Russians and one organization involved in spreading disinformation and Russian propaganda.

The list includes, in particular, the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Volodymyr Medinsky, who headed the Russian delegation during negotiations with Ukraine in the spring.

The ombudsmen of Ukraine and the Russian Federation met

The human rights commissioners of Ukraine and Russia, Dmytro Lubinets and Tetyana Moskalkova, held the first meeting against the background of the exchange of prisoners of war. The ombudsmen met on the day the Red Cross never reached the line of demarcation, as the Ukrainian delegation was waiting for it.

They discussed, among other things, the necessity of visiting the colony in Olenivka by Ukraine and Russia and, if necessary, the participation of a third party. The Ombudsman of the Russian Federation described the dialogue as “constructive”.

The death toll in Sumy Oblast increased

The Russian missile attack on the Sumy region on the morning of October 17 killed at least five people and wounded 14 others. During the day, the occupiers repeatedly bombed the Sumy oblast assemblies.

US and EU discuss Starlink funding

Pentagon and European Union officials are discussing the possibility of funding Starlink satellite Internet services in Ukraine.

But Elon Musk said his company had already withdrawn its funding request to the Pentagon. He stated that 25,300 Starlink stations were sent to Ukraine, but only 10,630 paid for the service.

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