Unstoppable Domains Stop Selling .Coin Domains After Realizing They’ve Been around for Years

the summary

  • Unstoppable Domains has stopped selling and serving NFT .coin-based domains after discovering that another company had already offered it.
  • Emercoin introduced .coin domains years ago, which could lead to potential conflicts with the release of Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable fields offer variety NFTEncryption-based domain names governorprofile pages and decentralized sites that can be viewed in some browsers. But the startup just canceled one of its domain offerings after realizing that another company had already sold similar offerings web 3 domains for eight years.

The A billion dollar company Announced this week it’s coming No longer selling .coin domain namesand discontinue services that allow existing .coin domains to operate. That’s because another blockchain company, Emercoin, has previously offered its own .coin domains since 2014 – but Unstoppable Domains didn’t realize this until recently, after launching their .coin domains last year.

Emercoin, the platform that issues .coin domains, has not marketed their domains [top-level domain] Extensive, making them hard to find. As soon as we became aware of this collision, we stopped selling .coin domains while we were investigating the issue,” the company wrote. “The Emercoin team are leaders in our industry and we regret that we were not previously aware of the name collision.”

Unstoppable Domains said leaving coin. intact may lead to a “potential collision” between competing offers. This can cause users to mistakenly send encrypted money to an incorrect wallet, for example, and thus lose access to those assets forever.

Name collision is dangerous to and unstoppable society web 3 As a whole,” the company wrote. “Several versions of one [top-level domain] It can cause chaos. Imagine sending Bitcoin to the wrong nora.nft, or link your wallet to uniswap.crypto and get a scam site instead of the real one.”

Users who purchased .coin domains from Unstoppable Domains as an NFT, or a blockchain token representing ownership of a unique item, will still own the NFTs — but are now unemployed. The company has disabled its domain-related services, but the NFTs themselves will remain within user self-maintaining wallets.

As a good deal, Unstoppable Domains said it will return buyers three times the original purchase price in credits, which users can apply to other domains. The company also claimed to have implemented more comprehensive ways to track potential conflicts with other current and future bandwidths.

“Many early attempts at blockchain naming systems were small and designed for very specific communities,” she wrote. “Searching for early projects was a challenge, but we investigated them in great detail.”

Unstoppable areas He raised $65 million in the first round In July, it raised its valuation to $1 billion. The company claims that users have registered more than 2.7 million NFT-based domains so far through its service, which is integrated with services like Coinbase Wallet and Brave browser. The company’s domains are currently suspicious ribbedOne Ethereum sizing network.

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