Hodlonaut wins lawsuit against self-described Satoshi Craig Wright

Anonymous Bitcoiner Hodlonaut on Twitter has officially won a lawsuit against Craig Wright – the Australian computer scientist who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • According to the ruling, Norwegian Judge Helen Ingebrigtsen declared that Hodlonaut had “sufficient factual basis to claim that Wright lied and deceived in his attempt to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto”.
  • A Twitter user in 2019 claimed Wright as a “scammer” and a “scammer” in a series of tweets, sticking to his belief that Wright is lying about his identity as the creator of Bitcoin.
  • Hodlonaut then sued Wright in Norway, preempted a UK defamation suit from the computer world, and asked the court to rule that their tweets are protected by free speech.
  • According to CoinDesk, the judge’s ruling found Hodlonaut’s characterization of Wright justified.
  • “The court believes that the word ‘fraud’/’fraudulent’ in this context means ‘a person who is something other than what he claims to be.’ other than what he claims to be.” “An charlatan” should be understood similarly, in the sense of “impostor” or “cheater.”
  • Hodlonaut will not have to pay compensation claims and is not liable for any damages that the Tweets may have caused. Meanwhile, Wright was ordered to pay 4,053,750 NOK to a Twitter user, worth about $383,000.

Hodlonaut’s post in a self-described lawsuit against Satoshi Craig Wright first appeared on CryptoPotato.

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