Bitcoin hack – 3 goals! For WHITEBIT: BTCUSDT by SkyrexTrading – Technical Analysis – 2022-10-22 11:06:14

Hello all!

As you know, I have bought some altcoins that have found their bottom in terms of potential Bitcoin pump. Today I want to think about the goals of this pump.

Let’s take a look at the 4-hour time frame of BTCUSDT Charts on the WhiteBit Stock Exchange. First of all, we must note that the breakout of the opposite trend line occurred a few days ago and today the price has successfully tested this line from top to bottom. Now we can see rising interaction. This is our first guide to the pump.

The first target of the pump is the Fibonacci golden pocket area. The price has already reached that level, but it looks like we’ll see that level again. Also see the quick offload start at $22,500. Unbalance candles formed there. The price has a high probability of reaching at least 0.5 level of imbalance at $21,400, or even imbalance starting at $22,000. Only then can we wait for the new landfill.

Guys, I want you to understand the important thing. Bitcoin $17,500 will collapse, but before that the market maker wants to assure you that the bull market has started. Now there are many bears. $12,000 is the goal of most bloggers now.

Sincerely, Evan

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