Are you trying to capitalize on Cardano’s growth? Read this before making a decision

Cardano [ADA] Experienced significant selling pressure after Vasil Hardfork. However, the platform may find some hope in the next quarter due to some moves on the NFT front. According to a recent development, Cardano go up reach 3 . place In terms of the size of the NFT.


Here AMBCryptos Cardano Price Forecast [ADA] For 2022-2023


About a new exclusive community

according to NFTs in StockwitCardano’s NFT trading volume is up an astonishing 328% since last week. Cardano’s phenomenal growth can be attributed to this space monkey community project. NFT Group saw a massive 67% increase in its bottom price and reached $515,000 in volume.

But it wasn’t just the monkey community project that saw an increase. Cardano’s top 10 projects have seen some of them positivity in the last 24 hours. The total number of NFT deals made on the Cardano network is up 104.32% in the past seven days. In addition, the total number of sales increased by 100%. According to data from opencnft.

These numbers point to an overall positive trend in the Cardano NFT market over the past week.

Source: Stockwits NFT

Another benefit of Cardano is the increased revenue generated by the network. according to symbolic station, a crypto analytics platform, has increased revenue from the network by 11.2% in the past seven days. However, its market value continued to decline.

Source: Token Terminal

Quick look at the numbers

Development activity at Cardano has also seen a sharp rise in recent days. This indicates that contributions to Cardano’s GitHub have increased. The increase may also be a result of more updates and upgrades in the near future.

despite of CardanoIn its developmental activity, a decrease in its size is observed. Over the past few days, Cardano’s volume has dropped from 611 million to 385 million.

However, Cardano’s speed during the same period decreased significantly. This indicates that the average rate at which an ADA has been sent has decreased significantly. This factor, along with declining volume, could paint a bearish picture for Cardano’s near-term future.

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