Cardano Founder Criticizes XRP Community For Spreading Conspiracy Theories Regarding SEC Case

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano’s Decentralized Finance (ADA) Crypto Project, has once again found himself in the middle of criticism over his comments on the ongoing case between Ripple and the Securities Commission (SEC).

Hoskinson said during an interview with YouTuber BitBoy Crypto on October 21 that Hoskinson specifically challenged the XRP community to stop spreading conspiracy theories regarding the ongoing case.

It is worth noting that Hoskinson faced an online backlash from XRP enthusiasts on Twitter after he stated that Ripple is undergoing a SEC investigation due to the lack of clear regulations.

Interestingly, XRP proponents have alleged corruption and sponsorship of Ethereum (ETH) by former SEC officials. With Hoskison also co-founding Ethereum, his supporters accused him of siding with the SEC.

But my only comments were to focus on what will win and focus on building bridges and relationships. Because of these comments, thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets, she’s been trending on Twitter, big conspiracy. People attacked me, calling me a rotten, unprofessional kid. All this is just stinging and negative talk.

conspiracy charges

Huskisson raised a problem with David Schwartz, CTO at Ripple, who pointed That he had a lot to say about the attack on the Huxson, a situation that saddened him.

“I was a bit disappointed with David Schwartz and others who said so much can be said and it makes me sad. How about you plant a goddamn pair of balls and tell your community not to be a conspirator. Maybe you should, because at the end of the day we all have to live in this space. Together, and hedge against this madness won’t solve anything,” Hoskinson said.

According to Hoskinson, he received negativity from XRP fans, but he tried to ask the community to focus on building bridges and elements that would help Ripple win the case. As Coinphony reported, after the attacks, Hoskinson came out to clarify his comments.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson stated that his views on the issue of XRP are drawn from his experience in the cryptocurrency market, particularly in matters of politics.

Burning bridges ripple

He argued that arming the Securities and Exchange Commission and burning bridges could have disastrous effects on Ripple because the agency still needs to work with the company outside the case.

Notably, the ongoing case relied heavily on emails from former SEC division manager William Hinman. In the document in question, Hinman is seen saying that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are not securities.

Despite trying to block the documents from being used in court, Ripple posted a small profit after the court overturned the SEC’s proposal to stop email delivery.

See the full interview below:

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