Ethereum Buyer Support! FOR BINANCE: ETHUSDT by MonoCoinSignal – Technical Analysis – 2022-10-23 23:51:07

Ethereum Yesterday it crossed the $1300-1310 resistance range with the support of buyers. But the sound Of the trades after the failure of this resistance was not enough, and there is a possibility that this failure will not be confirmed. However, if signs of support are still observed at $1,300, there is a chance for Ethereum to grow in the short-term and move towards the resistance areas at $1,340 and $1,400. else, Ethereum He may return under this resistance. Minor support is also in the $1285-1290 range Ethereum And we can expect to see signs of support in this area just because the previous rally was strong. as long Ethereum He has this support, he can continue his short-term uptrend.

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