VIM: a new ecosystem where you can support your favorite virtual influencers

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The latest market initiative, VIM, gives us an ecosystem in which we can earn revenue by promoting our favorite virtual influencers.

Who are the virtual influencers?

Virtual Influencers are computer generated

A “human” is fictitious but still displays the characteristics, tendencies, and behaviors of real people.
They can also be called “CG models” and “virtual influencers”.

Even though they don’t live next door to us in the real world, they are very active on social media. With a team of designers, writers, and artists working relentlessly to create a digital character that looks, moves, and talks like any other human, it’s like merging second life and the real world or what we call “metaverse”.

About VI

VIM is a for-profit (C2E) ecosystem where players can support virtual people who live in the metaverse and help earn money from their support.

With VIM, you can increase the awareness of virtual people who want to become influencers. VIM users will eventually be able to get a VIM token through various activities.

As the ecosystem expands, VIM aims to be a project connected to the blockchain ecosystem that includes games, e-commerce, shows, and SNS.

VIM introduces a new concept called VANTER. Each fan has a distinct appearance, and the level and status change as the mission progresses. VANTER is an NFT that can be traded between users and contains information about grade, level, and status.

VANTER allows users to generate revenue from your favorite virtual human assistance activities. VIM is the first blockchain ecosystem that connects actual economic activity to the virtual world. Users can use their Venter to navigate and complete tasks for a virtual human.

Users will mine VIT in proportion to how much they choose the tasks of their favorite virtual people and help them influence them through supporting activities. Users can easily sell and trade crypto-based assets using VIM.

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