BTCUSD By FieryTrading – Technical Analysis – 10-25-2022 05:42:47

In this analysis, I want to highlight a view of the market that I haven’t seen much talk about: the idea that BTC Works within the range peg falling Since the peak of November. drop wedges classic rising Reversal pattern, that would indicate that BTC Either about to erupt rising Or we could see another drop in support (which would probably be the bottom).

As shown in the diagram, BTC It is currently trading at a resistance level peg falling . This means that we are going to see some kind of big movement in the coming days; Either break from wedge or ( bearish ) Persistence and attraction towards the support peg.

from my point of view, BTC You still have a leg to go. See the analysis below for a more complete analysis bearish Analytics.

In my opinion this peg falling It is one of the many market viewpoints. Try to be open and see what the market brings you. It’s going to be a fun week

You are rising or bearish on encryption? Please share your thoughts 🙏🔥

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