Lightning Network Transfers are now fully available on CashApp

CashApp is now fully compatible with the Lightning Network to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

Full integration makes Bitcoin easier to use as a payment method via a standard consumer app.

CashApp integrates Lightning

Mobile payment service Enabled Users send lightning payments to external telegram wallets (such as Chivo Wallet, BlueWallet, Muun Wallet, etc.) as early as February. But the ability to Receive Flash payments from another user were not available until Monday.

According to Michael Rihani – Head of Bitcoin Product at CashApp – users can use the new feature by selecting the Money > Bitcoin tab and then share the QR code or link with another lightning-enabled party.

“This feature is currently available to Cash App customers in the United States, with the exception of residents of New York State,” he said.

The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s core Layer 2 payment network. It is designed to enable Bitcoin transfers that are fast and cheap enough for the asset to serve as a potential exchange medium.

Al-Rihani explained that the new upgrade is available for both Android and iOS users.

The integration is one of the many steps Jack Dorsey and his company have taken to promote Bitcoin adoption among the public. According to figures reported by the company last year, CashApp has more than 70 million annual transaction users.

Along with his team at Spiral, Dorsey helped create the Lightning Network development toolkit for other companies to integrate the Lightning Network into their own portfolios and applications. CashApp itself made use of the software package.

“Our goal is to make Bitcoin the original currency of the Internet, and if we do that, we will have a new global reserve currency based on sound principles,” he said when it was released in December.

lightning growth

The Lightning Network continued to expand throughout the bear market. This month, the total capacity of the network get over it 5,000 bitcoins, providing greater liquidity to handle large transfers.

Lightning works by having users lock their Bitcoin into an on-chain multi-token wallet, which then opens a payment channel via Lightning. For payments to be successful, the network must find a path of peer-to-peer channels through which the money can eventually reach its destination.

According to public information, there are currently more than 16,000 lightning nodes and more than 81,000 open channels.

Lightning Network Transfers functionality is now fully available on CashApp debuted on CryptoPotato.

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