VERTU’s new Web3 phone revolutionizes the mobile industry for £2980

October 24The tenth It sees the dawn of a new era for VERTU, with the launch in London of METAVERTU – the world’s first Web3.0-enabled smartphone. Having earned a reputation for investing in innovative design, premium materials, VIP services and network security, VERTU is now breaking new ground when it comes to the next generation of hardware and software. The theme of this campaign is “Uniting people and showing respect to Nokia”.

VERTU CNCOS Custom Operating System is a “5D integrated ecosystem” that combines chips, smart terminals, blockchain, operating system and services in one mobile phone. As the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 is gaining speed, METAVERTU is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for VERTU customers, in partnership with major players such as crypto pioneer Ethereum.

The hardware features of this flagship 5G mobile phone include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8GEN1 chip, up to 18GB RAM + 1TB ROM, and a triple camera system with a high-quality lens. The standard METAVERTU has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 400ppi and a refresh rate of 144Hz. In addition, METAVERTU is equipped with an upgraded 64MP lens and a 4600mAh battery, which can charge up to 99 percent in 20 minutes.

Luxury and design come at the forefront of METAVERTU, with several colors at their best Available materials and finishes, fully customizable for a personal touch. Extra luxury Details are available with their custom service, including diamond details, gold finishes and Platinum addition for that extra special ending.

METAVERTU is located at the intersection of Fashion, design and technology, a true accessory designed to be seen. The first MATEVERTU is available in six models, with the entry-level METAVERTU priced from £2,980 in carbon fiber and from £5,998 to £36,998 in high-quality alligator leather.

Dual security chips to protect digital assets

Notable hacks like the one that hit crypto exchange Binance in October 2022 (in which $570 million was stolen) are a reminder that the opportunities for this new wave of technology also come with risks. METAVERTU is designed to address these security issues, using an embedded blockchain chip based on the SE+TEE architecture.

This embedded microcomputer meets the security specifications of high-level international financial institutions, as well as offering other ultra-secure features such as anti-intrusion sensors and limited physical security limits inside the phone. By combining proprietary software and hardware, METAVERTU has among the most powerful security and privacy offerings available in a consumer device.

Integrated mobile node for cryptocurrency

Smartphones are the most prevalent form of consumer technology today, with more than 5 billion devices worldwide. This makes it an untapped resource for Web3.0 decentralization, and Ethereum has taken a step away from the traditional server-mining model by making it possible to run a node on a METAVERTU phone.

Operating in a decentralized manner reduces Ethereum’s carbon footprint by 99.95%, addressing one of the main criticisms of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 while allowing VERTU users to participate in the Web3.0 ecosystem.

System Twins enable seamless switching between Web2.0 and Web3.0

Realizing the fact that Web3.0 migration won’t happen overnight, METAVERTU has a simple one-button switch that allows users to switch between Web2.0 and Web3.0 modes.

Advantages of the Web3.0 operating system developed by Vertu include instant NFT creation, standalone encrypted peer-to-peer communications, and a selection of DAPP applications. The system’s dual functionality combines everyday convenience, familiarity with Web2.0 and the innovation of Web3.0.

Upgraded concierge service, complete with NFT PASS

VERTU is known for its market leading VIP Concierge, which has been upgraded to Web3.0 at METAVERTU. In addition to all previous services – everything from hotel reservations to gift giving – METAVERTU concierge enjoys new NFT PASS membership, Web 3.0 courses and early access to high-value whitelists.

Delivery available November 3rd

METAVERTU will be distributed from 3 November across all VERTU stores globally, including the new flagship opening on Bond Street, London later this year. Online sales will be available via WWW.VERTU.COMVERTU is also working with Tmall in China, to launch a new Metaverse shopping experience on Tmall HeyBox.

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