Cardano must [ADA] Investors were wary of a potential FTX listing

The Cardano community is full of excitement. Surprisingly, the price factor is not the reason. While many ADA analysts support extremists in their celebration, there appear to be some who are more reliant on the cautious approach.

Consider this, for example, aAccording to BitBoy Crypto (the famous crypto on YouTube), Cardano [ADA] Investors shouldn’t get too excited about a potential FTX listing.

Remember that the CEO of the exchange, Sam Bankman-Fred, had a clean the air On why FTX ADA left the spot market on October 23rd. In his response, he noted that FTX has an ADA in the derivatives market and is likely to include it in its niche.

Here is AMBCrypto’s Cardano price forecast for 2023-2024

Now, BitBoy Crypto said there are more important things the Cardano community should worry about. Crypto influencer and YouTuber pointed out that FTX’s acquisition of voyager digital may lead to filtering. This, in turn, can affect the price of the ADA and the ecosystem.

So, how did the Voyager acquisition have anything to do with the ADA List? Defending its concerns, BitBoy Crypto noted that since FTX bought Voyager’s assets, it could decide to liquidate them with ADA as part of the lot.

Perhaps this is not the case

In response to the “accusation,” Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, said he did not expect such a thing to happen. He added that he would be angry if FTX pressured the liquidation.

Despite the back and forth, ADA seemed uninterested as the price fell 0.70% to $0.36 in the past 24 hours. according to CoinMarketCapThe ADA also lost 21.71% of its 24-hour trading volume.

On the other hand, ADA has been trading for one day recently embarrassed– From 281.07 million on October 23 to 404.13 million at press time based on Santiment data.

This increase indicates that there was a huge number of ADA transactions. However, the bill for payment reflects that it was not enough as investors expected.

At press time, Santiment revealed that the number of ADA payments has been reduced to 133,000.

Source: feeling

Don’t lose your guard

In other parts of the ADA ecosystem, there have been some upsurges. The NFT The case indicated that ADA had recovered from NFT growth arrest.

Evaluate data on Santiment specific The total NFT trading volume was $711,000, and the country, at the time of writing, indicated a greater involvement in the trading of ADA’s digital holdings.

The lower price of these assets is also likely to have improved from the October 23rd low.

Another part of the ADA that has seen an increase is development activity. With a rise to 57.18, Cardano appears to have revived updates to its chain and DApps since then Vasil Raising the level of.

On-chain Cardano development activity

Source: feeling

However, this does not mean that investors should stop on their laurels. As the cryptocurrency market continues to remain uncertain, the Cardano community may be better off keeping their guard up. In short, there has been no response from either FTX or its CEO regarding BitBoy’s opinion.

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