Is Bitcoin ready for a $24,000 pump? Binance: BTCUSDT By TheNewsCrypto – Technische Analyze – 2022-10-26 17:23:28

he is Bitcoin Ready for a $24,000 pump?

The above chart from Bitcoin ( BTCUSDT ) put down descending triangle pattern. This style is often considered a characteristic of Downtrend . It consists of the upper part trend line which connects the high and the horizontal trend line Connection bottoms converge to form a triangle. If the price action breaks down Support level The Downtrend It will be preserved.

Currently, Bitcoin ( BTCUSDT ) in the $20,250 range. If the pattern continues, the price of Bitcoin ( BTCUSDT ) could reach the $24,700 support levels, if the trend reverses, the price Bitcoin ( BTCUSDT ) to 17,700 dollars

BTC It has recently seen an increase in the sound In the trend, which may indicate a bottom is reached. The price is currently consolidating between $20,000 and $20,400, which is another good sign of the lower phase of the trend reversal.

According to the current structure of BTC If it crashes trend line resistance, price BTC It could go up to $24.7 thousand.

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