DOGECOIN Doge price broke the trend line, what will happen next? FOR WHITEBIT: DOGEUSTD By P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2022-10-27 19:06:28

This is the chart of the DOGEUSDT trading pair over the past two years.

The DOGEUSD downtrend has continued for 17 months, and for many speculative interest in this manipulative currency is likely to have all but disappeared.
But on the other hand, there are probably many investors stuck in this currency and the deposit is now withdrawn
Most likely, this idea is in the first place for them.

Since June 2022, which is 5 months, the price of DOGE has been standardized Liquidity zone 0.04-0.08 USD. In this liquidity zone in early 2021, the price of DOGEUSDT consolidated before the final +1400% 2021 pump.

and today, DOGECOIN Buyers are trying to break through to the downside.
However, it is too early to rejoice, as there is a strong and liquid level around $0.085 in the way of buyers.
Most likely, buyers will not be able to beat this teacher First time.

If you have a long position DOGEUSDT, When the price gets close to $0.085, you should be very careful as a correction to $0.065 may start in the future

Therefore, in our opinion, it is safe to buy DOGE from $0.065 or DOGEUSDT price could certainly consolidate and hold above $0.085.

Medium-term goals for DOGECOIN Price growth is 0.125-0.135 dollars

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