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Bitstables was relaunched on October 22, 2022, as the launch platform for cryptocurrency exchange like never before in the world. Bitstables is a rare cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of features and services to investors.

  • What is Launchpad Cryptocurrency Exchange?

An exchange that allows easy raising of funds using issued tokens, it combines the characteristics of an ICO and an exchange. Also, since the users of the exchange are the types of launchers, there will be many tokens with potential.

All tokens listed on Bitstables deal only with issues that will be listed on other exchanges (top 30 exchanges in the world ranking) recommended by Bitstables. You can buy the tokens before they are listed on another exchange, which ensures that you can buy the tokens at a lower price than the initial price. This is the so-called pre-listing before listing on the stock exchange. Once listed on another exchange, the token will be removed from Bitstables.

The listing of exchange-listed tokens on other quality exchanges is guaranteed. In the event that the tokens purchased by the user are not listed on another quality exchange, the user’s investment will be refunded. In addition, the tokens will be listed on the major exchanges at the closing price on Bitstables (the last price before the write-off). The sales volume is also strictly controlled under the supervision of Bitstable and it is very safe as not too much is sold. The system is maintained to prevent high volume sales. Due to this excellent service, stocks are not often listed on Bitstables, but we consider about 3 tokens to be listed per month.

The features of the renewable exchange are as follows:

・ Listing Fee: You can list your tokens for free. Some conditions apply.
・ Token generation: BEP20 tokens can be generated for free. However, the actual cost of gas will be charged.
・ Listing conditions: Only those currencies that have been confirmed to be listed on other quality exchanges will be dealt with.
・ Non-fraud tokens: Only coins that have passed a strict check are dealt with.
・Low Price: You can get tokens at a lower price than the starting price before listing (on other quality exchanges).
・ Listing support: We support listing tokens on top exchanges.
・ Marketing Support: We can help you market your tokens.
Referral Commission: Paid in full on transaction fees.

Launchpad CEX is the world’s hottest cryptocurrency focused web3.0.

About company

Bitstables is a cryptocurrency exchange established on December 15, 2018, as a Seychelles-incorporated CEX (central exchange).

Official website:

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