Russia has threatened to attack US satellites that help Ukraine. White House Rose

The Russian Foreign Ministry said US commercial satellites, which are helping Ukraine in the war, “could become targets for a retaliatory strike”. The White House vowed to respond to any attack.

Baron writes about it.

On October 26, the Deputy Director of the Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Kostantin Vorontsov, stated that the United States and its allies are involved in civilian infrastructure components in space in armed conflicts.

Threatened that these things “They can become targets for retaliatory strikes.”

“Semi-civilian infrastructure may be a legitimate target for retaliation.”– said Vorontsov.

In response, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the US would respond “appropriately” to any Russian attack on US commercial satellites.

Kirby emphasized that the United States “It will hold Russia responsible for any such attack, should it occur.”

Although Russia did not specify exactly which commercial satellites the United States is talking about, it is likely that they relate to the project of Elon Musk’s Starlink company, which provides satellite Internet services, in particular, to the Ukrainian military.

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What did?

In October, American businessman Elon Musk, whose company provides satellite Internet services to the Ukrainian army, got into a scandal over his statements about a “peace plan” to end the Russian-Ukrainian war.

He suddenly announced that one of the possible outcomes of the end of the war would be the official consolidation of Russian power over the occupied Crimea and a “re-election” in the other occupied territories. Musk described Ukraine’s victory as “unlikely” due to the numerical superiority of Russia’s population.

Many were surprised by these statements, which repeat the points of Russian propaganda. Then it turned out that Musk wanted to give up funding for satellite Internet services in Ukraine and was asking the Pentagon to take over the funding.

But according to the media, most of the terminals of Ukraine and a third of Internet connection services were at least partially paid for by the USA, Poland and other organizations. Ukrainian volunteers also paid for their services.

musk announce, that 25,300 Starlink stations were sent to Ukraine, but only 10,630 were paid for the service. When asked how much money SpaceX has spent to support Starlink in Ukraine, Musk said the costs are close to about $20 million per month. In particular, he complained that his company was coercive Defending against increasingly complex cyberattacks.

However, after a flurry of criticism, Musk still announced “go to hell” It announced that it would continue to pay for Starlink services to Ukraine.

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