2022 CEL Price Forecast for BINGX: CELUSDT By TheNewsCrypto – Technische Analyze – 2022-10-28 22:54:26

Centennial Price Forecast (CEL) 2022

Celsius (CEL) is ranked 107 on CoinGecko at the moment. The percentage price forecast for 2022 is explained below with a daily time frame.

The above chart of CEL plotted the horizontal channel pattern. The horizontal channel pattern is also known as the sideways trend. Generally, the horizontal channel is formed during price consolidation. In this pattern, the upper trend line, the line connecting the highs, and the lower trend line, the line connecting the lows, run horizontally parallel and the price action is contained within it. The horizontal channel is often considered one of the appropriate market timing patterns as the buying and selling points are consolidating.

Currently, the CEL is in the $0.927 range. If the pattern continues, the percentage price may reach higher resistance level $1.99. If the trend reverses, the percentile price may drop to $0.85231.

Celsius (CEL) support and resistance levels

The chart is shown below support and resistance Celsius levels (CEL).


resistance level 1 dollar 1.25169.000
resistance level 2 2.39056 USD
resistance level 3 4.13498 USD
support level 2 $0.84844
support level 3 $0.45659

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