A former Obama adviser is betting that a Porsche will rise again to $ 60,000

Jim Messina, a key advisor to former US President Barack Obama, believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are among the “most exciting developments of our lives.”

The American is very bullish about Bitcoin and says he is willing to bet his Porsche that will again reach $60,000.

Messina Confident Bitcoin Price Will Head North

In a recent interview with Fox News, Messina predicted that today’s society will remember two things: living in the time of COVID-19 and reshaping the financial system with blockchain technology and digital assets.

The American described himself as “incredibly optimistic” about the industry, especially Bitcoin. He admitted that he used the ongoing bear market as an opportunity to increase his exposure to leading cryptocurrencies. When Messina was asked about his future assessment, he said he was willing to bet on Porsche that bitcoin would rise to $60,000 in the coming years.

Known as the “Obama fixer in the White House,” the 52-year-old recently switched from politics to the crypto world. He joined BlockchainCom as a lead advisor in 2021, and the company has achieved some significant milestones since then. CEO Castleman said much of the platform’s success in Europe and the United States is due to Messina’s efforts.

In addition to Barack Obama, throughout his career he has advised many other prominent politicians. Notable names include former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former Argentine President Mauricio Macri, and former British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Saylor believes BTC will reach ATH in the next four years

Another person who sees Bitcoin returning to its former glory is Michael Saylor. MicroStrategy’s CEO believes the asset valuation will bring in roughly $70,000 “sometime in the next four years.”

Honestly himself, he predicted that BTC could rise to $500,000 in the next decade if it matches the market cap of gold. Currently, there is a huge gap between the market capitalization of the two assets: the precious metal is worth nearly $11 trillion, while Bitcoin is less than $400 billion.

Despite this, Saylor has always given his preference to digital currency. He claimed that bitcoin was 50 times better than the yellow metal last year and said it was “obviously better than gold and everything gold wants” this summer.

A former Obama adviser was betting that Porsche would once again rise to $60,000, and it made its debut on CryptoPotato.

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