The main thing is the night of October 28

The United States will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth $275 million; The armed forces of the Kherson region destroyed two ammunition depots and a hangar with Russian equipment. We collected the main news on the night of October 28th.

New aid from the United States

The Pentagon will provide Ukraine with a new weapons package worth $275 million and other assistance to bolster efforts to drive Russian forces out of key areas in the country’s south. The Associated Press writes about it.

In addition, the United States may begin training the Ukrainian army to use NASAMS air defense systems in early November.

The successes of the armed forces in the south

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two ammunition depots and a hangar with a set of Russian equipment in the Pereslav district of the Kherson region.

The “Southern” military command center said that Ukrainian missile and artillery units launched about 130 fire missions during the day of the fighting. Russian aviation attacked 6 times. In response, Ukrainian aviation launched 16 raids on areas where the manpower, equipment and weapons of the occupiers were concentrated.

The situation in Kherson region

The Russian occupiers do not release the children of the Kherson region who were sent to “rest”. And at the beginning of October, Khelan said that the administration of occupation of the region announced holidays in the schools of the Kherson region from October 6 to 21, under the pretext of the parents’ request, but in fact – in connection with the counterattack of the armed forces. .

At that time, the children were invited to go to the occupied Crimea to recover. The local authorities asserted at the time that these were provocations, and the aim of the occupiers was to take the children hostage and resettle them.

Johnson’s plans

Boris Johnson intends to promote the “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine on the international stage. The former Prime Minister of Great Britain is planning to create a fund to support and rebuild Ukraine, reports The Telegraph.

How many Russian strikes?

Russian forces have already launched 4,500 missile strikes and more than 8,000 air strikes on the territory of Ukraine. In just two days, the occupiers launched more than 30 drones. This is what President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Elon Musk heads Twitter

Elon Musk now runs Twitter. Twitter CEO, CFO and Head of Legal and Policy have been fired. Media reported that he accused them of misleading him and Twitter investors about the number of fake accounts on the social networking platform.

Eurovision 2023 National Choice

The organizers of the national selection for the “Eurovision-2023” competition have published a long list of 36 artists. They will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the show in Liverpool. The list can be found here.

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