Linda! SOLUSDT-> Bulls know themselves. What’s Next? FOR BINANCE: SOLUSDT By RLinda – Technische Analyze – 2022-10-29 12:52:21

SOLUSDT slows down its decline and stops near the level of 26.00, as soon as it tests the support, the price forms the border area around 27.00. In the unification format, the price has reached the minimum volatility over the past few years.


a bullish pattern It is forming on the chart, which means a strong growth in the direction of the nearest resistance levels, behind which there is a large level the sound Liquidity on the back of market downturn. The price breaks the trend resistance and breaks through, forming a wave of the sound We have to wait rising Strong to keep rising

On the local chart, we see the price rebounding to the 30.20 – 35.00 range after breaking the resistance from the downside wedge . Price marks a technical pullback to range support for a retest. What can be expected in this area? We should wait for confirmation of buyers in the market and enter positions behind them.

  • 1) We expect a retest of the 30.20 area (or a fall or a false breakout).
  • 2) The price is fixed above the support range 30.20
    – – – –
  • The short term target in our case will be resistance in the 34.38 . area
  • Medium-Term Target – Liquidity Zone 38.92

Sincerely, R. Linda!

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