A drop in XRP price to $0.47 would give bulls a look at $0.50

While hopes for a Fed fulcrum in December provided price support, a lack of updates from the ongoing SEC v Ripple issue has left XRP in the red.

Amicus Brief Filings does not provide XRP price support

The Bates Spending Program (STB) and the Investor Choice Advocate Network (ICANN) presented their Friends Briefs on Friday. While the notes show how the use of XRP failed in Howey’s test, investors expect more from Amicus Briefs in favor of Ripple.

However, investors will also need to understand how the court views Amicus Briefs and whether they can influence the direction of the case.

For investors, William Hinman’s speech-related documents may have more meaning.

This month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) turned over documents related to Hinman’s letter to the defendants. However, the SEC has done as well Request Editorial offices.

Unedited content must contain text that harms the SEC in order to provide XRP price support. In a famous speech in 2018, Corporate Finance Department William Henman said that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are not securities.

Investors may have to wait until November 15 for meaningful updates, when parties will submit response feeds (temporarily under seal).

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