Exploiter in mango markets says profitable traders like him attract jealousy and hatred

Avraham Eisenberg, the software programmer and cryptocurrency trader behind the $100 million Mango Market exploit, believes that “profitable traders” like him attract a lot of jealousy and hatred from other cryptocurrency traders.

Eisenberg shared his faith with Laura Sheen during a an interview On the Unchained Podcast on Friday. He argued that the public should hate and criticize people who do profitable arbitrage.

Hate profitable traders

Remember that Mango Market exploit that happened two weeks ago, drain Liquidity platform, which prevents users from withdrawing their assets. For Eisenberg, the crash was a “very profitable trading strategy,” but the crypto community thinks otherwise.

Eisenberg and his team conducted a self-financed financial attack by manipulating the oracle price of MNGO, the original token of the Mango Market. The merchant believed that his team’s actions were legal because they were using the protocol as designed. Likewise, the affected project was not able to sue because the vulnerability could not be classified as a hack.

During the interview, Eisenberg referred to profitable traders like himself, who identified exploitable errors in the code, alerted existing protocols, and made billions from their discovery.

“I think when there is any profitable trader, it will attract some jealousy and some hatred, and when you look at some of the things that people are saying about Sam, he obviously made billions of dollars with many other profitable businesses. He said he gets a lot of hate. .

When Eisenberg was asked what he thought of traders like himself, who have revealed their role in some financial attacks, he said it was okay for them to own their identity because the crypto community actually hated them.

“Colin recently came out. If you’re out there in public, you’re putting a target on yourself,” he added, but added.

Eisenberg launched another operation

It seems that exploiting Mango Market was not profitable enough for Eisenberg because release Operation Chetcoin targeting bots four days ago.

The software developer revealed that he created, then cheated, Mango Inu, a crap coin that earned $250,000 from crypto bots in half an hour.

His general idea was that he wanted to teach the people using these robots a lesson not to trust any new venture.

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