A return to $0.410 indicates a return to $0.430

Investor anxiety ahead of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decision and press conference on Wednesday weighed on the ADA and the broader market.

Network updates need to impress investors to offset investor fears

There was no update from Input Output HK (IOHK) to distract investors from Wednesday’s Fed policy moves and press conference. While hopes for a Federal Reserve meeting in December provided support during the week, uncertainty remains.

Friday, HK Exit Entry (IOHK) chest Weekly development update, which has been disappointing. Since Vasil’s hard fork, the number of project launches has increased by five to 103. Projects based on the Cardano network have increased from 27 to 1,127.

And Saturday’s comments from Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, did not provide lasting support.

On Saturday, Hoskinson addressed Twitter users, RequestsAnd the

“Should we introduce ultra-fast post-quantum to Twitter, identity-enabled Cardano’s cookie chain designed specifically for social networks?”

IOHK’s retweet of lace.io also failed to make an impact.

Sunday, spets.io chirpAnd the

“Taking things slow and doing things right. That’s how Input Output HK works. That means rigorous and steady development of robust and secure technology. And lots of testing. And that’s where you come in… We are very excited about the Lace Explorers Beta beta.”

Lace.io also provided instructions on how to sign up to try the Lace platform.

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