Aptos’ first Rugpull game? Aptos chimpanzee depletion has been reported

Just as the weekend was about to begin, crypto Twitter raised the alarm about a potential scam on Aptos.

A relatively new blockchain environment described as the “Solana Killer,” Aptos is a Layer 1, PoS blockchain built by two former Diem Group developers, Mo Shaikh and Avery Chang. The couple has reportedly worked on developing Libra/Diem, the now stable Meta project.

Although Diem was fired due to regulatory pressure – who worried that allowing Meta to create its own currency could cause monopoly problems – the developers allegedly saw potential in the technology they were working on and chose to pursue the project on their own, which eventually created Aptos.

$12 million was originally supposed to be drained

A Twitter post by D3gens.apt, a fan page for the Aptos community, raised the alarm about the potential depletion of 1.5 million APT tokens by AptosChimps, another NFT project that seeks to capitalize on the popularity of boring monkeys and the hype factor for a new element. blockchain.

The project allegedly promises to mint the coin for free, with only gas fees required to pay for the mint. However, D3gens reported that the wallet connected to the AptosChimps project drained $12 million. A follow-up video warning users not to interact with the project was also posted on YouTube several hours later, although it is unclear if the two are connected.

The video explains the chain of transactions that allegedly set off alarm bells. It also shows an Aptos Chimp wallet that receives gas fees for a free mint and sends a large portion of the money to another stable transaction wallet, believed to be a barter wallet.

Amount drained less than originally thought

Although the original tweet claimed that 1.5 million APTs – the original Apto token – had been emptied from the wallet, totaling about $12.6 million, the follow-up update corrected the error and stated that in fact it was only about 4-5,000 APTs that were retrieved.

This amount amounts to only several tens of thousands – which can be interpreted as necessary to cover operating costs, to build guarantees to ensure the safety of the project or for other completely legitimate reasons.

However, the event serves as a reminder to the blockchain community in general to look out for suspicious projects. If the big projects scrutinized like Harmony, Phantom, and others can fall victim to bad actors, eager investors can, too.

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